Our Product

The product we are promoting is a unique, pleasing and sustainable home.

If you can put a name to an architectural style for a home we can draw and build it. Our preference is toward Prairie or Craftsman style architecture. However, if you have visited our previously completed subdivisions you can see the many different types of homes that can be built. Bungalows, Cape Cod, Farmhouse, Victorian and Georgians comprise a lengthy list of completed projects. Each of our homes is unique and utilizes elements unique to that particular architectural style. Our efforts are focused on integrating new technologies, materials and methods that increase energy efficiency and sustainablity without degrading architectural style.

A sustainable home is one that can be built and used without over taxing our resources. We are continuing our education in this area and utilizing more design elements and materials that promote sustainability than ever before. Home orientation relative to the sun, location and size of windows, longer eaves and limited or no two story areas are a few of the things taken into consideration during the design phase of a home. Our most recent home at 1110 N Grove Av in Palatine is an effort at net zero and clean energy. This home boasts solar panels capable of producing 85% of this homes electrical needs. All of the appliances are the latest technology in electrically powered equipment, including a heat pump water heater and induction range which operate at greater efficiencies than ever before, in order to take advantage of the power provided by the sun . The 96% efficient Furnace is the only gas equipment on the premises, and that is due to our harsh winters.

Our Clients

Our projects appeal to clientele from empty nesters to families with newborns. Most of our buyers are pretty discriminating, in that they have been shopping the local inventory and come the the conclusion that the only solution that entirely meets their needs is to build a custom home. The cookie cutter projects or plan book solutions that have been presented to them come up short in either quality of design, lack attention to detail, or a unique appeal. Our clients want to be more involved in their home construction from the drawing board to the building.